The pressure is on: It’s time to accelerate progress towards the SDGs

WOBO acknowledges the goals of Unilever.

The pressure is on: It's time to accelerate progress towards the SDGs

As we approach the halfway mark on the journey to 2030, it’s clear that we’re not getting to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) fast enough. This milestone provides an opportunity to reset and refocus our attention on the targets and the different roles we can play in reaching them, so explains Unilever’s Rebecca Marmot and EY’s Alison Kay.  {Rebecca Marmot is chief sustainability officer at Unilever and Alison Kay is managing partner for client services at EY UK&I}

Unilever updated its climate targets in 2020, unveiling a new €1bn Climate and Nature fund to support their delivery. Targets include reaching net-zero emissions for products by 2039; achieving a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023; making all products biodegradable by 2030 and scaling up regenerative agriculture.

We need tangible, practical and crucially, local answers to the challenges set out in the SDGs – such as those already being created by entrepreneurs and innovators all around the world. The ideas and the intent are there – what’s missing is the ability to bring these ambitions to scale.

Through the UK Aid-supported TRANSFORM initiative, we’ve developed a private-public partnership model that harnesses local innovation and thinking, blending it with the capital and capabilities of corporates, to speed up progress towards the SDGs. We work exclusively with impact entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia who are providing genuinely life-changing products and services. They tackle everything from providing clean water to people in crowded cities, to helping women in rural communities access quality healthcare.  Read more…

The pressure is on: It’s time to accelerate progress towards the SDGs


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