UK: Fire Safety – changes for the future?

Fire Safety is key, however, regulatory changes are often piecemeal and go without challenge until disaster strikes.  This situation has occurred in conjunction with the Grenfell Tower incident. WOBO Governor David Gibson has been granted permission from Dr Jonathan Evans, Chairman and CEO, Ash and Lacy to present and circulate his letter in respect of Part B, Fire Safety and combustiblity.

Ash & Lacy roofing materials, East Anglia from AJW Distribution

Mr Clive Betts MP
Chair, Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee
House of Commons
20 th October 2020

Dear Mr Betts,
Like many others, I watched yesterday’s evidence session in dismay and frustration. Unsafe buildings will eventually be rectified, but the financial fallout will burden the lives of many innocent people and families for years to come. The irony didn’t seem to occur to Lord Greenhalgh that he blamed leasehold law for this betrayal whilst simultaneously discussing new legislation that further weakens the ability of residents to fight these unjustifiable costs. Ministers have consistently said that building owners should do the ‘right thing’ and it’s time Government led by example. I will leave more capable others to pursue this as I want to pick up on several fundamental flaws in his team’s logic with regard to future fire-safety policy….

Full letter and diagrams to download from Dr Jonathan Evans; Ash and Lacy letter



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