Mission Statement

The World Organization of Building Officials is dedicated to improving the quality of life and resource optimization internationally, through the development, exchange and application of knowledge and experience, affecting the health, safety, welfare and usefulness of the built environment.

Purpose / Who We Are

The World Organization of Building Officials (WOBO) a world organization of building officials, code administrators, organizations and individuals who seek to increase the level of public safety in the built environment. Associated with the United Nations WOBO promotes the transfer of information among nations and encourages best practices of international standards and building codes for construction, material, equipment and appliances.

Objectives / What We Do

WOBO advances the professional status of those engaged in the administration and enforcement of codes and standards by:

  • Encouraging the unification of legislation pertaining to the administration of codes and standards;
  • Collaborating with international organizations, governments and educational institutes to promote the development of training programs;
  • Encouraging countries to establish national organizations for building officials and national advisory committees:
  • Exchanging of pertinent information through conferences, seminars, and congresses of a national and international character in furthering the objectives of the organization;
  • Promoting the concept of standardizing construction materials, equipment and appliances;
  • Promoting safeguards from potential hazards and recommending solutions for preventing safety risks in existing building or buildings under construction;

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