The LABC Warranty Technical Manual Version 9

Legislation may suffer a “time lag” in respect of defects – warranty providers can react immediately and are able to update their guidance relative to claims and provide support both to the professionals and industry at large.

Technical Manual - LABC Warranty

LABC warranty – Version 9 of their Technical Manual now has in-document links to help you more easily navigate its information-packed 488 pages. Download a free copy here

The LABC Warranty Technical Manual Version 9 is produced for the purposes of identifying technical requirements applicable to the design and construction of buildings to be covered.
Version 9 has been assembled in a more logical ‘Building Part’ format, which will allow users to find information more easily.  LABC Warranty has always prided itself on offering flexible solutions to meet Warranty Requirements, and although there is substantial guidance within this Technical Manual, flexibility can still be maintained.

Meeting the Functional Requirements
The Functional Requirements in this Technical Manual, are broken down into three specific requirements covering:
· Workmanship
· Materials
· Design
The Functional Requirements are fundamental issues which must be complied with in all cases to achieve Warranty standards.

The difference between Building Control and Warranty
What’s the difference between Building Control and Warranty? Why do Warranty Surveyors sometimes ask for more information or more detail, than a Building Control surveyor?
It can be for a number of reasons, whilst it should be remembered that on occasion the Building Control
surveyor will, for certain elements, require more information than the Warranty Surveyor, for example smoke control to common areas of an apartment type development. The Building Regulations are statutory requirements; the Approved Documents provide guidance on how these Regulations may be achieved.  However, these are minimum standards, derived in the main from building failures. Warranty technical requirements are generally founded on the Building Regulations, but in many instances go into greater depth due to claims experience.

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