Australia: ABCB – re-register now

WOBO thanks the ABCB for their website update.

The Office of the ABCB is pleased to introduce its new website.

The new ABCB corporate website and microsites for the NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark have been developed based on user-research.

Important: Due to our privacy policy, when first accessing your NCC Online account via the new site, you will need to reset your password. You can do this by clicking ‘Reset password‘ underneath the login.

In accordance with Australian Government security protocols, passwords need to be at least 14 characters long and consist of at least one symbol, lowercase and uppercase characters.

Stakeholders can also expect greatly improved functionality such as enhanced search ability and a new resource library, as well as a reorganised information architecture to ensure information can be accessed quickly and easily.

Head to to see the new website, or you can read more about the changes in our latest news article.

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