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Stage 1 of consultation on the NCC 2022 public comment draft is now open.

Consultation on the NCC 2022 public comment draft (PCD) opened for consultation on Monday 10 May… but it’s not the PCD process you might be used to. There are a number of changes to the process for commenting on the PCD for NCC 2022, to improve the commenting experience for stakeholders.

Division of NCC content for consultation

For the first time, proposed NCC content will be sought via a 2 part consultation, to reduce burden on stakeholders.

The first stage of consultation seeks comment on all NCC content except energy efficiency and condensation proposals that arise from project work.

The public comment period for this first stage opened Monday 10 May until Friday 2 July 2021.

Proposed content relating to energy efficiency and condensation project work will open for comment on Monday 19 July, as the second stage of NCC 2022 PCD. Make sure you’re a registered NCC Online user to receive notification and the consultation link once it has opened.

Online consultation process

Comment on both stages of PCD will only be accepted through the ABCB’s online Consultation Hub.

Accessing the PCD and providing comment is easy. Simply:

1. Go to 
2. From the Overview Page, download the NCC volume(s) you wish to view and comment on. You can also download the Supporting Information PDF for details on the more significant/complex changes.
3. Enter the consultation and agree to the privacy statement.
4. Enter your contact details.
5.  Download the comment form within the consultation itself and complete, including all comments you would like to make on the proposed changes.
6. Upload your completed form in .doc format and submit.

Format and structural changes

Within both stages of the PCD, you’ll notice the NCC’s new structure and format being implemented for NCC 2022. These changes form part of the ABCB’s improved NCC useability initiative, delivering a more user-friendly and digitally contemporary code. Please note that feedback is not being sought on the new structure and format. Public comment is requested only on the proposed technical amendments as identified by track-change format.

More information and resources on the useability initiative are available on the ABCB’s dedicated resource page.

Consultation link

Comment on the first stage of NCC 2022 PCD are invited via the ABCB’s Consultation Hub until 11:59 PM AEST Friday 2 July 2021.

For assistance or if you have a questions, you can contact us by email.

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