Australia: Consultation open: Involvement of fire authorities in building design

Fire Safety must involve the Fire Authorities!!

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A discussion paper in response to the Building Confidence Report (BCR) is now open for public comment.

Recommendation 8 of the Building Confidence Report (BCR) is that, consistent with the International Fire Engineering Guidelines, each jurisdiction requires developers, architects, builders, engineers and building surveyors to engage with fire authorities as part of the design process.

The BCR identified that the triggers for fire authority involvement and their resourcing by governments differ across jurisdictions, resulting in similar buildings in different jurisdictions having different requirements imposed by fire authorities.

The BCR Implementation Team has developed a discussion paper seeking views on the issue of fire authority involvement in building design. The paper proposes a Code of Conduct for Fire Safety Engineers, and model guidance for states and territories on the minimum involvement of fire authorities in the building design process. Stakeholder feedback is essential in creating a nationally consistent model.

Providing comment

Responses to questions in the discussion paper are welcomed until 11:59 PM AEST Wednesday 7 July 2021. Only responses submitted using the online form via the ABCB’s Consultation Hub will be considered.

If you have a question about this consultation, please contact the BCR Implementation Team.



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