Australia: Insulation; An industry – led roadmap

WOBO recognisees the goal to maximise the value of insulation when installed or retrofitted.

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The Facility Management Association is the peak national industry body for facilities management, representing and supporting professionals and organisations responsible for the operational management of Australia’s built environments.


Last week, the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) and 40 other organisations launched a new industry-led roadmap to ensure that insulation is installed or retrofitted following proper quality control and safety processes.

Insulation is critical to the comfort, health and productivity of building occupants, reducing the flow of heat and noise and the build-up of moisture and mould. However, the quality of the install is critical to the performance of a building. Even small gaps in the coverage of roof insulation can reduce its effectiveness by 50%!

You can download the new industry-led Roadmap the Energy Efficiency Council‘s website >

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The Energy Efficiency Council is a not-for-profit membership association for businesses, universities, governments and NGOs. Founded in 2009, the Council’s members are diverse, but are united by a common cause: building a sophisticated market for energy management products and services that delivers: – Healthy, comfortable buildings; – Productive, competitive businesses; and – An affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for Australia.


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