Australia: News Updates and Developments

WOBO appreciates the support provided by the Australian Building Codes Board for WOBO Members and fellow professionals.

This month the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Chair, Glenys Beauchamp and I have continued meeting with industry associations and professional bodies to discuss what to expect with the upcoming proposed changes to the next edition of the National Construction Code (NCC).

These proposed changes will be published in the NCC Public Comment Draft (PCD), being released on 1 May 2024 and closing on 1 July 2024.

Information about the key changes will be provided in our upcoming Roadshow event series and on our website.

As mentioned in previous updates, we continue to improve and enhance the educational support for the NCC. The latest resource is a beta version of the new housing energy efficiency calculator. The calculator is a free resource, developed to assist in applying the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) elemental provisions to particular house designs.

I look forward to seeing you at a future ABCB event and discussing the future of Australian buildings.

ABCB Roadshow – registrations open

Registrations open in early April 2024 for our ABCB Roadshow events. ABCB staff will present information about the proposed changes being made to the next addition of the NCC. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions about the changes.

The Roadshow events will be held in each capital city across Australia, and also online, between Wednesday 8 May and Friday 7 June 2024. – Visit our Events page to see more ABCB events

Updated Sound Transmission and Insulation in Buildings handbook

This handbook expands on the regulatory requirements of the NCC in Volumes One and Two. It provides design guidance for practitioners to consider when implementing solutions to provide acceptable levels of sound insulation. – Learn more




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