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Reinventing a Brisbane stormwater drain

A concrete stormwater channel in Brisbane has been transformed into a meandering stream through lush parkland, representing a new, sustainable side of engineering.





What lessons can Europe’s engineers share?

On a recent tour of European engineering hotspots, Engineers Australia leaders witnessed operations at landmark innovation and construction facilities.





Three companies battling plastic pollution

Plastic Collective, Tangaroa Blue and The Ocean Cleanup are each working to transform plastic pollution management.




Taking racing to new heights with flying cars.

Meet the entrepreneurs and innovators on a quest to make our flying car dreams come true.

Racing has been around since the invention of the automobile, kickstarting the automotive industry and bringing motoring to the masses.

Names such as Henry Ford, Marcel Renault, Charles Rolls and Enzo Ferrari, all synonymous with automotive prestige, got a foothold in the industry through racing, said Jack Withinshaw, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Alauda Aeronautics and Airspeeder.


Fusion device powers student education

The first ever nuclear fusion device entirely designed and operated by students will be constructed at the University of New South Wales.




AA Gal

Software for deep insights on road design

Innovative engineering software shifts highway infrastructure planning into the fast lane – and even makes parking a breeze.


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