Australian Building Codes Board: NCC 2022

WOBO thanks the ABCB for the link to their latest updates.

See the first release of NCC 2022

We know it’s big, and there is a lot to get across, so we’re bringing it to you in two stages so you can become familiar with what’s new and what’s different.

This first stage release contains most of the amendments finalised for the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, including:

  • New livable housing features to assist people with disability and through more stages of life
  • An improved volume and clause structure to improve consistency and useability, including a new ABCB Housing Provisions Standard
  • New lead free requirements for plumbing products to improve the quality and safety of drinking water
  • New fire safety provisions for early childhood centres and primary schools in multi-storey buildings
  • New bushfire protection measures in Class 9 buildings, and
  • A range of improvements to the fire safety, weatherproofing, and waterproofing requirements.
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When does the NCC 2022 come into effect?

Each state and territory will bring NCC 2022 into effect in their own time and manner using their own regulatory regimes.

All states and territories agreed to delay the adoption of NCC 2022 until 1 September 2022. Given the scale and breadth of change in this edition, this date will likely be accompanied by transition periods for some requirements.

The ABCB will provide advice on transitional arrangements in August 2022.


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