Australian Building Codes Board: We’re cleaning up our website user profiles

WOBO thanks the ABCB for their latest update – members and fellow professionals will need to act to retain the links!

In preparation for the adoption of NCC 2022 from 1 May 2023, we will be removing inactive user profiles from 15 March 2023.

While mandatory registration is no longer required to access the NCC, there are some great benefits when you do register and log in when accessing the NCC.

  • Stay up to date through our email newsletter and announcements, currently only available for NCC account holders.
  • Access upcoming new features for NCC Online, such as the Build Your Own Code feature, that will only be available for logged-in users.
  • Access our technical enquiries service.

If you currently share a website profile, please create an individual account for yourself. This will ensure you continue to have access to the above features.

What do you need to do?

To ensure you don’t lose access to your account, please log in by 14 March 2023. To log in, click or type the following link into your web browser, or if you share a profile register yourself online using the following link

If you have forgotten your password, you can update it by selecting ‘reset password’ and following the prompts.

If you no longer wish to have an NCC account, there’s nothing you need to do – your account will automatically be deleted from 15 March. If you need a new account in the future, visit the registration page to complete a new profile.

Check your profile information

While you’re logged in, please check that your profile information is up to date, including your communication preferences.

  • Select ‘Announcements’ to hear from us about important changes to the NCC, upcoming events (including seminars and webinars) and more.
  • Select ‘Newsletter’ to receive our latest news, articles and resources directly into your inbox.
  • If you have any questions, please submit an online enquiry.
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