BSI-127: Pests Can Really Bug You

WOBO acknowledges that pest management is essential to protect people and the built environment.

Building Science Corporation

Five Integrated Pest Management Strategies to Consider.

Pests include insects and animals that have a harmful effect on humans, food or living conditions.  Pests include insects, termites, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats and dust mites.  We are not going to address telemarketers or lawyers…

Water, food, dust and clutter provide the conditions for insects, termites, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats and dust mites to inhabit buildings.  Pests inside homes can lead to allergic reactions.  Pests often lead to the use of pesticides that are not good for people to breathe or ingest (eat).  Pests can damage or destroy building materials.  Water and food are an invitation for pests.  Designing homes to be dry controls pests.  Keeping homes dry and clean controls pests.  Disconnecting buildings from the surrounding soil and ground controls pests.

Infestations of dust mites, cockroaches, mice and rats can all cause allergic reactions.  Even after pests are gone, pest skin, hair and feces can remain and cause allergies.

Pest resistant homes reduce exposure to allergens and asthma triggers released by pests and can reduce the amount of pesticide used when pesticides are necessary.

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Joseph Lstiburek

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