Bsi: Decarbonize transport: achieve zero-emission vehicles

WOBO recognises the embedded energy within product manufacture and delivery to and incorporation within the built environment, Bsi provide an opportunity to review the reduction of embedded energy within the transporation arena. 

Join our FREE webinar in January on delivering zero-emission transport

As part of BSI’s Net Zero Week, we’re running a webinar on Monday 18 January looking at the work that’s ongoing to decarbonise transport. 

This free webinar will feature presentations from across the industry on:

  • The role that emerging technologies are playing in helping deliver zero-emission/carbon transport and vehicles
  • Zero-emission enabling technologies including battery EVs, materials, power electronics, motors and drives (PEMD), tech for use in freight and HGVs
  • The role standards are playing in UK innovation programmes like the Faraday Challenge and Driving the Electric Revolution
  • For an authoritative and connected rundown of the latest developments and opportunities in decarbonizing road transport, you should book a place at this free webinar.
  • Register for the webinar

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