bsi. Standards Development – Consultation: Overarching framework for competence of individuals

The UK is undergoing a major review of roles, responsibilities and competencies within the built environment.  The next twelve months may necessitate the need for all individuals to review, enhance and upskill both their academic and vocational expertise to meet the demands under review.  You are encouraged to review the proposals and submit your comments by 20th October 2020.



BSI Flex 8670 v1.0 Built environment – Overarching framework for competence of individuals – Specification

This BSI Flex specifies requirements for competence frameworks for individuals working in the built environment. It is intended to support the development of an overarching framework for oversight of competence of individuals working on higher-risk buildings as defined within relevant legislation.

NOTE The scope of higher-risk buildings is likely to change over time which will modify application of this BSI Flex.

It is broadly relevant to any role in the assessing, procuring, designing, constructing, inspection, maintenance, management or operation of higher-risk buildings. This includes technical and non-technical roles, and individuals working under their own authority as well as under the supervision of other competent individuals. It is also intended to span a wide range of levels of competence from basic awareness to very detailed application by subject specialists.

This BSI Flex is intended to be used by professional groups, trade associations, trades or any other group from relevant built environment actors looking to develop or achieve recognition for a relevant competence framework. It is anticipated that those frameworks will then be subject to review by a committee on industry competence working under the aegis of the Building Safety Regulator.

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