Building Defects: A Global Problem

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Leaky Building Syndrome – NZ, Canada and Australian Experiences

Australia may be embarking upon its own journey as more and more cases are being filed by strata communities and individual unit holders for leaky apartments. The leaky building syndrome appears to be relatively new phenomenon, a modern-day industry-specific malaise. Looking at both Canada and New Zealand, can one determine whether Australia, which is experiencing it’s own leaky building genesis, can avoid or at least contain a leaky building scenario that as it stands looks ominous?  Read Article

Leaky Buildings and Toxic Mould

Water ingress has little respect for the integrity of an as-built product, corrupting most construction elements; wood, joinery, electrical interface, wall and ceiling plaster, and fabrics. The issue is becoming more prevalent in multi-unit apartment blocks. While the issue has been overshadowed by the more hazardous and threatening  cladding related fire risks, more and more apartment owners are now facing water ingress and mould issues.   Read Article

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