CABE: Malaysia – Annual Conference and research link

WOBO Governor David Gibson thanks the CABE for the links to their Malaysian Conference and the opportunity to review current research activities.

Leading academic researchers from the University of Science Malaysia and the National University of Malaysia were invited to share their research findings at last month’s CABE Malaysia Annual Conference which was organised by the CABE Malaysia Chapter and the Lighthouse Club Kuala Lumpur.

The research papers highlighted some fascinating areas of development including light shelves design and alternative uses of agricultural waste in construction projects.

Investigation of Banana Fibre Reinforced Lightweight Foamed Concrete    The Growth and Development of Urban Centre in Kuala Lumpur: An Analysis on Growth Centre Development Control   Web-Based Communication for Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects in Southeast Asia

The Effects Of Light Intensity And Temperature Towards East-West Orientation At Putrajaya Office Building, Malaysia   Light shelves Design Guidelines for Intermediate sky in Malaysia   A Review of Light Transport Systems in Building

Digital Library in Malaysia: Redefining The Conventional Library   Fire Safety Regulations: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and England and Wales   Character of the Street: A Comparison of The Variation in The Shophouse Façade Along Heeren Street, Melaka.

A Visible Transition: Evolution of Urban Artefacts as The Fragments of Collective Memories Within The Context of New Village   The Adoption of House Renovation in Industrialized Building System (IBS) Residential Projects in Klang Valley   Approaches and Perspectives on Alternative Uses of Agricultural Wastes in Construction Materials

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