Catalytic Converters (and diesel particulate filters) can contain hazardous fibres

WOBO thanks the HSE for the reminder in terms of protection from fibres.

HSE e-Bulletin service Catalytic Converter

Suppliers and users of Catalytic Converters must take necessary precautions to protect workers from Refractory Ceramic Fibres.

The fibre mats contained within catalytic converters (and diesel particulate filters) can contain hazardous fibres. Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF) are classified as a Category 1B carcinogen and end of life catalytic converters should therefore be treated as hazardous waste.

This means that suppliers and users must be aware that products contain RCF when selling on or sending for recycling (extraction of precious metals). Without testing, large numbers of converters containing RCF could be sent for recycling or sold on to third parties without the appropriate precautions being taken.

Read more on our website. HSE has extensive experience in the identification, characterisation, measurement and risk assessment of exposure to fibres and is UKAS accredited (ISO 17025) for the identification of inorganic fibres by TEM/EDX. 

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