Code Development: The Proposed Acceptance Criteria (AC516) for Factory Applied Fire-Retardant Penetrants

WOBO Governor David Gibson has been provided with a request for professional support and comment in respect of Code development and acceptance.  

The Proposed Acceptance Criteria (AC516) for Factory Applied Fire-Retardant Penetrants Needs Your Comments.

As many of you are aware, we’ve been working closely with the ICC, ICC-ES, and industry experts to help develop AC516; a new acceptance criteria for factory-applied fire-retardant penetrants that provide the fire protection required in IBC Section 2303.2. Upon approval, AC516 will provide chemical manufacturers the requirements and guidelines needed to obtain an evaluation report (ESR) that will bring the construction industry a code approved fire-retardant treated wood product that provides tremendous benefits and will open the door for innovative fire-retardant penetrants.

What are the benefits of a Factory-Applied Fire-Retardant Penetrant?
There are MANY benefits that a Factory-Applied Fire-Retardant Penetrant will bring to the fire-retardant-treated wood industry.
Here’s a few of the many benefits to expect:
  • Code Approved “OR EQUAL” to fire-retardant-treated wood as prescribed in IBC Section 2303.2.
  • The Evaluation Report (ESR) will be the “Easy Button” when submitting for approval as an alternate/equal to fire-retardant-treated wood as manufactured in accordance with Section 2303.2 of the 2018 IBC.
  • Fire-retardant treated wood products WITHOUT reduced design values.
  • Roof and floor truss engineering is the same with or without the use of FRT lumber.
  • Increased roof and floor load capacities.
  • More economical roof, floor, and wall structural designs
  • Fire-retardant treated OSB; an industry first.
  • Current and future EWP opportunities; LVLs, Glulams, LSLs, etc.
  • Quick turnaround times
That said, the ICC and ICC-ES needs comments to help with the approval of AC516 from people like you; the industry users. Below is a link to the “Public Comment Form” as well as a link to AC516 for you to review.
Link to Public Comment Form:
Link to AC516 Draft:
Thank you in advance and we greatly appreciate your continued support!

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