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Could standards be slowing down innovation in the construction industry?

Standards have a vital role in underpinning safety and performance across the built environment. So how can we ensure that they allow the introduction of vital new materials to fight climate change?  Read our latest blog now



October will see the next in our series of updates on the Building Safety Act. With the Building Safety Regulator now active, how is adoption of the Act progressing?  Register here


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Unlocking FABDEM+: The new standard for globally consistent and accurate digital elevation models

Our Global Terrain Dataset is the foundation that underpins our Global Flood Map and regional models. To find out more about the components and methods behind Fathom’s products, check out our interactive explainer of Fathom’s Product Stack.

Join us as we launch the next evolution in global elevation mapping: FABDEM+. By blending together thousands of datasources, FABDEM+ unlocks a new era of high-resolution, globally consistent terrain data. ​​

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£6.7M fine following fatal train crash

A LONDON-based rail company has been fined £6.7M for health and safety failings which led to a train derailment and the tragic loss of three lives.

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09:55 – 10:30 Opening remarks & Transmission of COVID-19: Presenting key findings from the ‘PROTECT’ National Core Study
10:30 – 11:15 Carbon Reduction and Climate Action – Tackle Net Zero with Zero Fuss
11:15 – 12:00 10 Incremental Ideas to Take Your Safety Culture to the Next Level
12:00 – 12:45 Mark Roberts, Evacuation Chairs – Friend of Foe
12:45 – 01:15 Building a more inclusive workplace – recognising menstruation and menopause
01:15 – 01:45 Take the risk out of specifying PPE – Roy Wilders – Registered Safety Supplier Scheme Manager at BSIF
01:45 – 02:05 Empowering organisational sustainability: integrating social and ethical considerations for balanced decision-making across the globe

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