Dr. Ibrahim M. Metwally


Dr. Ibrahim M. Metwally, is professor of concrete structures in Concrete Structures Research Institute at Housing and Building National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt. He holds B. Sc., M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in structural engineering. His research interests include ultra-high performance concrete, performance of structures exposed to extreme loading, large-scale experimental testing, behavior of concrete structures reinforced with FRP composites & analysis and design of tall buildings. He registered as a structural consulting engineer at the Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities, Egypt; he has designed, and evaluated many structural designs for huge projects in Egypt and Arabian Gulf region.  Dr. Metwally is licensed as a Professional Engineer(PE) by the Wyoming Board of Professional Engineers, WY, USA. His extensive hands-on experience includes the structural design and analysis of multi-story buildings using structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned and pre-stressed concrete, deep foundations, and structural masonry. He provided structural forensic studies and structural damage assessments throughout many locations around the world. Dr. Metwally served as a credible expert witness and he analyzed and evaluated the cause of failures in a wide variety of structures, as commercial, residential, and industrial structures under different extreme loading conditions. He has been heavily involved in the structural design, performance- based seismic design/assessment, retrofitting, and testing.

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