England: Building Safety Bill – 7 Key Points

The UK in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and Dame Hackitt’s “Building A Safer Future” report is proposing a new Building Safety Bill.  This process is complex and the article prepared by LABC Warranty is excellent in providing a focus on the key elements .  The proposals affect all members of the development team and society at large.  An essential read – don’t get caught out!

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Draft Building Safety Bill – 7 key points for builders and developers

The Government has published a draft of its long-awaiting Building Safety Bill, summarising fundamental reforms of the building safety system across England and Wales.

Three years after the Grenfell Tower tragedy and a year following the publication of Dame Hackitt’s Building a Safer Future report, the significant bill draws together actions that seek to address the report’s 53 recommendations and sets out to achieve four broad aims:

  1. Create a more effective regulatory and accountability framework to provide greater oversight of the building industry
  2. Introduce clearer standards and guidance
  3. Put residents at the heart of a new system of building safety
  4. Help to create a culture of change and a more responsible building industry

So what does the bill contain and, subject to final scrutiny, what can builders, developers and housing providers expect to become law?

1. A new Building Safety Regulator

2. More stringent regime for higher-risk buildings

3. Enforcement and Sanctions

4. New Homes Ombudsman and social housing complaints

5. Building Control Reform

6. Construction Products

7. Competence of Architects


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