England: Implementing the new Building Control Regime for Higher-Risk buildings and wider changes to the building regulations for all buildings.

WOBO notes the proposed regulatory changes for high risk buildings and buildings in general.

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The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has just published two important consultations about the new building safety regime:

These consultations and all the other building safety consultations can be found on the department’s consultation platform, Citizens Space where you can respond online.

Alternatively you can view the consultation material and respond via email at:

Both consultations are open until 12 October 2022 and are part of a series of consultations on the regulations examining technical proposals that will support the law as set out in the Building Safety Act 2022. The responses to the consultation will be used by the department to help develop the content of regulations before they are laid before Parliament. LABC will also be responding and will share its response with members in due course.

DLUHC is keen to gather a wide range of views to support its policy development process. If you have colleagues or industry contacts who you think would also be interested in responding, please do forward this email to them.

If you have any questions, or if you want to discuss any aspect of the consultation, please get in touch with the department directly:

New building control regime. Email: buildingregulationsconsultation@levellingup.gov.uk
In-occupation regime. Email: occupiedbuildingsconsultation@levellingup.gov.uk

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