England: Planning for the Future – a new, faster, simpler planning system

WOBO welcomes proposals that communities will have the ability to introduce local design codes.

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The Office for Place and Advisory Board

The government’s Planning for the Future proposals set out a package of reforms for a new, faster, simpler planning system. The reforms propose that local authorities introduce their own local design codes – enhancing beauty, quality and environmental standards by giving communities control over what is built in their areas.

Prior to these reforms, the government has issued revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework and the National Model Design Code. To support the use of design codes in the planning system the government has created an Office for Place within the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.  It will draw on Britain’s world-class design expertise to support communities to turn their visions of beautiful design into local standards all new buildings will be required to meet.

The Office for Place will be advised by a board of experts from the planning and development industry, and will begin the work to drive up design standards now. This year it will be supporting around 20 communities who are piloting the National Model Design Code and empowering local authorities to demand beauty, design quality and placemaking through training on the principles outlined in the National Model Design Code.

Government is considering whether to establish the Office for Place as an independent body, informed by responses to the planning reform consultation.


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