England: The Draft Building Safety Bill is all about competency. So is Colt.

WOBO thanks Colt for their clear indication of performance and response to the goals of the Building Safety Bill.  

Houses of Parliament, London

Building Professionals have an endless task addressing the past, the current and the future.  It is essentail that the construction team collaborates and regenerates the confidence it needs and the support from the public at large.  It is essential to recognise that the built environment and the structures created comprise a complex mix of materials, components and systems.  It is pleasing to receive updates in respect of competency and performance both products and services.

The recent Draft Building Safety Bill confirms the importance of ensuring that your building’s smoke control system is designed, installed and maintained by someone competent.

The Government’s objective is for the long-lasting reform of the building safety system so that people will be and will feel, safer in their homes. Crucially, they should trust in the competency of those who are responsible for the service and maintenance of their building.

https://www.coltinfo.co.uk/service-maintenance. Competence

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