Expand Your Construction UK: Industry Knowledge, Expertise with Topical Discussions – BBA Webinar Series

WOBO thanks BBA for their continued support for Professional Development.

Throughout the second quarter of the year, BBA’s attention turns to the people that make up the construction industry, the issues we all face and the skills (or shortage of) that seems to be looming large over the industry.

In addition, BBA have teamed up with futurebuild to bring you a series of three webinars across the year, the first of which will focus on the supply chian and building a safer future through testing and certification.

Book on the April webinars now:

12th April @ 11am
Supporting the Construction Supply Chain: How Certification and Testing can Help Build a Safer Future

19th April @ 11am
Connecting a Fragmented Construction Industry Through Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

26th April @ 11am
The Modern Workforce – Maintaining a Competitive Edge

More information on these webinars can be found below. Once you’ve signed up for the webinar, check out what’s coming up throughout 2022:

Future Webinars




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