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Building Safety Act “can help construction sector right its wrongs”

THE BUILDING Safety Act 2022 will bring about changes to culture “on a scale never seen before”. That’s according to the CEO of Local Authority Building Control in England and Wales. Lorna Stimpson has used a new podcast hosted by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) as a platform to state the Act of Parliament addresses several key areas that will help “put right the wrongs we’ve had for so many years” in construction.

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Battery recycling centre fire poses challenges for Fire and Rescue Service

A MAJOR fire at a battery recycling centre in Scotland has highlighted the significant challenges faced by firefighters when tackling blazes involving waste lithium-ion batteries, reports the Business Sprinkler Alliance. The incident, which required a multi-agency response over a number of days, shows the complex and protracted nature of waste fires and the additional challenges involved in extinguishing this type of blaze.

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Apollo introduces Soteria Tri-Sensor detector for advanced triple detection

APOLLO FIRE Detectors has unveiled its latest breakthrough in fire detection technology with the introduction of the Soteria Tri-Sensor detector. The product integrates cutting-edge dual optical sensing technology with a centrally located heat thermistor and a CO sensor, offering “unparalleled accuracy” in detecting smoke particles, while effectively discriminating against false alarm stimuli.

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HSE opens call for evidence on PFAS in firefighting foams

Deadline: 3 June 2024

As part of our role as the Agency for UK REACH (UK Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals regulation) HSE is working with the Environment Agency to prepare a restriction dossier that will assess the risks of PFAS in firefighting foams.

Restriction is a measure within the UK REACH framework that limits, bans or sets conditions on the manufacture, placing on the market or use of a substance or group of substances due to an unacceptable risk posed to human health and/or the environment.

PFAS are used in a number of firefighting foams, including those used to combat class B (liquid and gas) fires. HSE is aware that a large number of COMAH sites are currently using firefighting foams containing PFAS.

To help compile the restriction dossier, HSE has opened a call for evidence and invites interested parties to respond with information on:

  • the use, storage and management of PFAS-containing firefighting foams on COMAH sites within Great Britain
  • the use, manufacture/formulation, import and/or distribution of firefighting foams in Great Britain which contain PFAS
  • the transition away from PFAS containing firefighting foams and the suitability of alternatives

We would also like to have follow-up discussions with stakeholders on the information provided. – The closing date for the consultation is 3 June 2024.

The finalised dossier, including any restriction proposals, will be published on HSE’s website for further public consultation, expected to be in March 2025.  – View the call for evidence on HSE’s website. –  Further information can be found in our accompanying YouTube video.

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Report highlights demanding health and safety workloads

NEW LEGISLATION and an increased focus on best practice are leading to heavier workloads and excess pressure on property and facilities managers, according to a new report from health, safety and property compliance firm William Martin.

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Farming business put employees and public at risk

A FARMING business has been fined for multiple health and safety breaches which placed employees and others at risk over many years, in an attempt to cut costs.

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Housing company fined after worker suffers burns

A HOUSING company based in Kent has been fined £528,000 after an employee repairing a fence post inadvertently struck an underground cable, suffering burns to his face.

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