Fire Risk Assessors

Consistency in fire risk assessment

Fire Sector Federation issues benchmark standard for fire risk assessors

THE FIRE Sector Federation has published its new Industry Benchmark Standard for Fire Risk Assessors in order to provide practical guidance for those risk assessors who want to understand the application of fire risk assessment across a range of building types. The overriding aim is to support the delivery of comparable standards right across the sector.

The document has been developed by the Fire Sector Federation’s Fire Risk Assessors Working Group and identifies criteria reflecting individual competency at three distinct core levels: the foundation standard, the intermediate standard and the advanced standard.

Further, it outlines increasing levels of skill, knowledge, experience and behaviour to form a competency-based progression route for fire risk assessors, spanning a clear career pathway for individuals from entry through Continuing Professional Development and on to the highest levels of competency achievable.

The Industry Benchmark Standard for Fire Risk Assessors document is unique in that it also seeks to match the three core levels of competency to the fire risk presented in three general types of buildings.


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