Fire Safety 2020

Fire Safety, the IFSEC report for 2020 is now available.

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Fire safety in 2020 eBook – A year of challenges and change

In a year filled with uncertainty, the fire safety industry met challenges head on. The impact of coronavirus may have dominated working practices, but fire safety professionals continued to fulfil vital life safety work, receiving deserved recognition as key workers.

Three years on from the devastating Grenfell Tower Fire, revelations of the Inquiry continued to shock the industry. Several findings that came out of 2020 made it clear that a significant step-change in cultural attitudes is required if building safety is to be improved.

Regulation is part of this process of change, and two major pieces of legislation were introduced by the Government. Both the Fire Safety Bill and Building Safety Bill are expected to introduce greater clarification on responsibilities and enhanced scrutiny of building practices in England moving forwards.

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