Fire Safety: UK problem? – Global issues?

Fire Safety is a major problem, failures can be within the design, construction and inspection of the built environment.  We must get it right!!


Fire issues are a major concern within the UK and I would like to thank Anthony Walker for providing the information below and the associated links.


Fire Safety
In the last week almost 900 people living in a six-block development in London were moved out immediately because of serious safety concerns relating to the construction of the buildings, see the tragic events at Grenfell the building has had a “waking watch” to ensure residents are alerted in the event of a blaze, but now consultants have advised they could not guarantee the safety of residents and so an evacuation was required. The ‘living hell’ that impacted residents in this and buildings across the country are having to endure is impossible to appreciate fully unless you are directly affected.

The Times hiddenhousing and  Inside housing have set up a joint campaign to end the UK’s hidden housing scandal – if you are not familiar its worth reading.

The Times have estimated repair bills could be as much as £75,000, see below. In addition to monthly cost of ‘Waking watches’ some are paying circa £400. The number of buildings with a ‘Waking watch’ reported by Inside Housing earlier this year was 420 see //inside housing .

A solution can’t come quick enough.




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