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LFB creates fire safety training package for security and facilities staff

THE LONDON Fire Brigade has worked with partner organisations to create Project Kestrel, an online training package for security and facilities personnel designed to equip them with greater fire safety knowledge.

Project Kestrel was developed in partnership with the City of London Crime Prevention Association and the Corporation of London following a multi-agency exercise, which duly identified the opportunity to enhance the role of security professionals. The package is designed to afford additional assurance to building owners and managers alike by providing trained personnel in fire safety, security awareness and emergency response.

There are over 115,000 licenced security officers within the London area providing security services to a range of properties, from large corporate headquarters through to industrial warehouse spaces, hospitals, schools and residential spaces. Often the first on scene, a Project Kestrel-trained security officer can respond to a fire alarm activation appropriately and take the necessary action required if a fire is discovered.

Most importantly, they can ensure that the correct information is presented to firefighters when they arrive on scene.

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Major fire in Bridgend destroys unsprinklered warehouse facility

A MAJOR fire at an industrial estate in Bridgend has destroyed an extensive building used primarily for warehousing. One of the largest fires to have occurred in Europe in recent times, the scale of the blaze was immense, impacting a number of businesses and serving to highlight gaps in fire safety measures.


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FAS fires up innovation with launch of orange Fire Door Foam

FIRE AND Acoustic Seals (FAS) has introduced its orange Fire Door Foam, in turn heralding what the company believes to be “a groundbreaking shift” in the UK’s fire-rated expanding foam market.




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Second fire safety remediation report for English social housing published

THE REGULATOR of Social Housing has just published the findings arising from its second survey on the fire safety of buildings in the social housing sector standing 11 metres or taller above ground level. The report duly highlights the responsibility of Boards and councillors to understand landlords’ legal obligations in relation to managing the safety of such buildings and, by extension, their occupants.

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Euralarm’s Fire Section forms Video Fire Detection Task Force

EURALARM’S DEDICATED Fire Section has formed a new Task Force that will focus its attentions on the burgeoning subject of video fire detection. This news follows on from Euralarm identifying the truism that video is indeed now an expanding technology for professionals operating in the fire sector.


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Guide to Building Safety Act for conveyancers issued by The Law Society

THE LAW Society has issued a comprehensive Guide to the Building Safety Act, which has been produced at the request of members in order to assist them in acting on behalf of the sellers and buyers of leasehold properties where the 2022 Act of Parliament applies.

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