High Rise Buildings in the Middle East 2004

High Rise Buildings in the Middle East 2004

Governor Harbi Arafat presented on the developments of high rise buildings in the middle east

A high-rise Building as defined by Emporis Data Community is a building 35 meters or greater in height, which is divided at regular intervals into occupiable levels. Construction in the Middle East is on the move and there seems to be constant competition to build more impressive eye-catching high rise

The use of innovative building materials and construction methods, coupled with workmanship of the highest standard, all contribute to a quality which bares comparison with anything in the world.
Throughout the ME one of the principal reasons for the huge sustained development of the area was the realisation of the need to diversify their economy to become less dependent on oil revenue. Thus, tourism is actively encouraged by the provision of world-class High Rise Buildings.  See more…

Harbi Arafat High Rise ME

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