ICC: Code Council approves 2020 edition of solar thermal standards

As part of WOBO’s collaboration – ICC has provided information on the Solar Thermal Standards update.


The International Code Council (ICC) and the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC) announced the completion of the updated editions of ICC 901/SRCC 100, ICC 900/SRCC 300 and ICC 902/PHTC 902/SRCC 400 standards for solar thermal collectors, solar water heating systems and solar pool heating systems. The updated standards were developed under the Code Council’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved standard development procedures and received ANSI approval on Dec. 3, 2020. The ICC/SRCC solar thermal standards are referenced in a wide range of model codes and serve as the basis for the SRCC’s OG-100, OG-300 and OG-400 certification programs.

The Code Council’s Solar Thermal Standard Consensus Committee (IS-STSC) solicited proposals for changes to the previous 2015 editions of the standards in late 2019. The group worked throughout 2020 to review the proposals and develop draft updated versions of the standards. The committee also convened working groups to address specific topics that it felt warranted additional focus. These included photovoltaic-thermal hybrid collectors (PVTs), concentrating collectors, photovoltaic water heaters and fire safety. Many recommendations from these working groups were also incorporated into the draft standard documents. After soliciting feedback on the revised documents through several public comment periods, the committee voted to finalize the documents in November 2020.

Code Council approves 2020 edition of solar thermal standards

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