ICC-ES: Assessment and Certification

WOBO members and fellow professionals consider a range of building types and products that are incorporated within those buildings.  ICC’s evaluation and certification service provides support in the verification and acceptance of products.

ICC-ES Broadcast Report

ICC’s goal is to provide a responsive, professional and expeditious service with the highest quality of review to exceed product evaluation needs. With a history of more than 80 years, building departments have long relied upon ICC-ES Evaluation Reports and Listings to assist them with product approvals. The transparent process, commitment to impartiality and careful attention to customer feedback make ICC-ES a trusted source for product evaluations. They take pride in having the widest acceptance in the industry.  https://icc-es.org/


SAFE-T-PROOF Anchorage Kit

Safe-T-Proof Disaster Preparedness Company is a recognized leader in the field of damage reduction due to earthquakes. Formed in 1992, the San Diego-based company has secured contents in thousands of hospital, university and life science buildings utilizing its patented Safe-T-Proof fastening system.
The laboratory equipment anchorage kit (STP-MP-203-09-ICC)has received an ICC-ES evaluation report. This multi-directional, adhesive-based fastening system safely secures equipment in place without the need to drill into the equipment. The kit secures to all types of laboratory equipment surfaces.

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