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ICC Pulse Podcast: Offsite Construction, Today’s Revolution for the Industry

Season 5 of the ICC Pulse Podcast offers listeners the inside scoop on the International Code Council and the building safety industry.

In Episode 54, we break down what offsite construction is, the history of offsite construction and how this type of construction is gaining popularity to help solve the affordable housing crisis.

We’ll also hear perspectives from owners of modular construction companies on the benefits and pain points of offsite construction, highlighting how adopting standards and working together in the industry helps solve the industry’s challenges.

Listen to Episode 54 of the ICC Pulse Podcast, Offsite Construction: Today’s Revolution for the Industryhere. 

PRO housing grant

PRO Housing Grant: What You Need to Know

The PRO Housing grant is a congressionally supported initiative to support communities actively taking steps to remove barriers that impede the creation and preservation of affordable housing options.

Through this initiative, HUD will make $85 million in competitive grant funding available.

Who is Eligible for the PRO Housing Grant?

Eligible applicants for the PRO Housing grant include local and state governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and multijurisdictional entities.

Eligible usage of funding includes proposals to:

  • Streamline and modernize local permit processing, such as enabling one-stop or parallel-process permitting
  • Leverage building codes to facilitate more affordable housing or otherwise reduce construction costs, including adopting or modifying model codes and standards (e.g., the adoption of the ICC/MBI standards to facilitate off-site construction or the International Existing Building Code® to ease reuse and repurposing of existing infrastructure)
  • Address zoning and land use controls that limit housing development (e.g., by adopting the International Zoning Code® 
  • Harmonize land-use policies or building codes among adjoining municipalities and facilitate consistent regional development standards that streamline housing development

How to Apply for the PRO Housing Grant

The application process begins with a preview period where interested parties can access the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and application package materials on the HUD website.

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