ICC:Modular Industry Comes Together to Advance Off-Site Construction

Modular construction an essential for the future!

World of Modular

The International Code Council family of solutions joined 1,500 industry professionals at the Modular Building Institute’s (MBI) 40th Annual World of Modular conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 29 – April 1, 2023.  

The World of Modular event is the largest global forum for the modular construction industry. It provides individuals in the commercial modular construction industry with the opportunity to network, learn from high-profile experts, display new products and attend educational presentations about the latest trends in off-site construction.  

The event also enables discussions about how off-site construction can address current challenges such as housing affordability and building quality and sustainability. 

“This year’s World of Modular conference highlighted the rise in modular, off-site construction as a core solution to deliver affordable, innovative and timely construction projects,” said Colker. “The Code Council is strategically positioned to deliver regulatory and conformity assessment solutions to support the industry’s uniformity and growth.” 

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