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WOBO appreciates the work carried out by Lovegrove and Cotton and their recent updates in respect of IBQC.

IBQC Risk Based Building Classification and Mandatory Inspection Guidelines are now out. 
The IBQC has launched the Risk Based Building Classification and Mandatory Inspection Guidelines. This was the culmination of 18 months work. The drafting coalition members are identified in the guidelines and they comprise preeminent academics, engineers and law reformers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, NZ and Germany.

There will be a number of seminar addresses in the months of March and April where some of those involved with drafting coalition will dig deep into the guidelines.

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The new IBQC risk weighted building classification and mandatory inspection guidelines – so compellingly logical.

In this article Tsigereda Lovegrove extols the benefits of a risk based approach to the classification of buildings, in building codes coupled with the marriage of mandatory inspection regimes. She submits the IBQC approach to this task is compellingly logical.  – Read Article



25 Core Elements of Best-Practice Building Regulation 

Over the last twenty years, the effectiveness of building regulations has been tested in light of a litany of regulatory failures in a number of jurisdictions. Some of the failures have occurred in advanced economies, economies that are not constrained by the extreme budgetary constraints of the developing nations. There has been a ‘pan jurisdictional’ or geographically indiscriminate footprint where nations from both hemispheres have experienced construction failures ranging from the significant to the extreme. – Read Article




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