International Codes Council News

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Village of Arlington Heights Achieves IAS Building Department Recognition

Congratulations to the Building & Life Safety Department of the Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois, for becoming the first building department in the state to achieve the International Accreditation Service Building Department Recognition.  Read More

Digital Tech & AHJ

Three Ways Digital Technology Can Help Authorities Having Jurisdiction Improve Performance

While there are plenty of challenges that come with adopting new technologies, digital transformation isn’t an optional path — it’s a necessary path, especially if an AHJ wants to improve its workflow, recruiting and knowledge base.

There was a time when authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) needed compelling reasons to adopt new technologies.

The world has changed a great deal in a short amount of time, and today, many jurisdictions are embracing the latest digital technologies. There are, however, some jurisdictions that are still hesitant to get on board. Adopting new technologies can sometimes present new challenges, but the benefits will  free up AHJs to do better work, attract top talent, and retain institutional knowledge.


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