Introducing Risk Scores: Helping you to rapidly assess risk at scale

Climate change – flood risk and risk assessment by Fathom Global

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Complex flood hazard data has permeated the corporate consciousness, integrating itself into the most intricate of risk assessment, dashboard, or portfolio analyses. Although once reserved for academics, data analysts, and climate specialists, this data-driven risk assessment has become commonplace, if not mandatory, within the largest of engineering consultancies.

Several technological advancements can be credited to this evolution, including the increasing availability of technology such as LiDAR, observation data, and machine learning. As well as the formation of pivotal platforms like CatroMoata and QGIS has made the access, transfer, and interrogation of these data easier than ever before.

Moreover, it is fair to say that the firms developing the data have simply gotten better at communicating and visualizing these hazards. Whether this is through the delivery of APIs that enable you to access these data on-demand or through user-friendly viewers that preview the data without the need for hosting terabytes of data on-site.

Fathom’s Risk Scores are just another form of this. For asset managers, engineering consultancies, platform engineers, and initiation/feasibility teams, Fathom’s Risk Scores enable you to determine the risk of a location and make informed decisions about your portfolios. They empower your business with the ability to understand flood risk for inland and coastal flooding for any climate scenario or time horizon for any location on the planet. This is invaluable when responding to or providing services around regulatory reporting frameworks like TCFD.

Upcoming webinar: How to rapidly assess risk at scale – Introducing Fathom’s Risk Scores

Join Fathom’s experts, Dr Andrew Smith, COO and Co-Founder, and Dr Matthew Jones, Chief Product Officer, as they explore practical use cases for Fathom’s Risk Scores across different sectors.

When: 13, July – 4pm BST  Book your place.

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