Mobility – Information is Key

WOBO recognises the mobility of its members and when solving problems it is key to have information to hand.  BSi provide an opportunity to use their facilities and operate remotely…

Working remotely, it can be challenging to ensure your whole team has access to all the standards applicable to your business.

The good news is that there is help at hand. A subscription to British Standards Online (BSOL) will mean that your entire team will have access to the standards they need to get the job done, anytime and anywhere. What’s more this online platform includes smart features that helps getting to the standards information you need quickly:

  • Understand changes to standards with track changes documents
  • Anticipate changes to BS and BS-adopted standards with advance notifications
  • Search by standard number, status, date, industry sector, national committee, subject (ICS category) or publisher
  • Access to internationally recognized standards

Get in touch today to find out how working with standards remotely can be more effective.

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