NABERS UK Energy for Offices Assessors

NABERS developments within the UK.  WOBO thanks the BRE for the update on developments taking place.

First cohort of NABERS UK Energy for Offices Assessors complete training

BRE is delighted to announce the first cohort of NABERS UK Energy for Offices Assessors, who have recently completed their training and exams and are well on their way to performing Energy for Offices ratings on behalf of building owners.

NABERS UK is a simple, reliable system for rating the energy efficiency of office buildings across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to help building owners to understand their building’s performance versus other similar buildings, providing a benchmark for progress. The rating is performed by an Assessor, who carries out a physical assessment of the building to collect and then verify the data required to provide a NABERS Energy for Offices rating, which is then submitted to the NABERS team for auditing, before the building is certified with the final rating.

The NABERS UK Energy for Offices training course recently launched and we have been very impressed with the interest taken and progress made.

If you are a building owner and would like to know more about NABERS UK Energy for Offices and how it can help you to operate your building more energy efficiently, then please visit our website.

If you are interested in following in the footsteps of our first Assessors and performing ratings, you can begin your training now.

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