New York City: Department of Building’s Energy – Efficiency Grading Program Launches

WOBO has received notification in respect of a reminder that the the city’s annual energy efficiency letter grade sign program, which was instituted by 2018’s Local Law 33, officially went into effect on October 1.  It is essential that members and fellow professionals note the actions required by 31st October 2020.  

Going forward, all NYC buildings over 25,000 square feet will receive a letter grade reflecting their DOB-verified energy efficiency; high or low, that grade must be printed and displayed at every public entrance of the building by October 31, 2020. The program is similar to the letter grading system applied to New York City restaurants by the Department of Health, which requires dining establishments to post their inspection letter grade conspicuously in a window or on an entrance door.

According to the DOB press secretary Andrew Rudansky, this legislation will affect approximately 40,000 buildings across the city. “This marks a big change in how New Yorkers think about building sustainability in our city,” he says, “and will affect large residential buildings throughout all five boroughs.”

Members of the public can find out the energy efficiency letter grades for a particular building by looking up the address on the DOB NOW Public Portal.  Those that have not submitted benchmarking data at all will automatically receive an initial grade of F. Once data is submitted, the grade will be revised accordingly.

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