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WOBO Governor David Gibson has provided a range of news items for your consideration.

Your organisation’s international health & safety or environment responsibilities

If your business operates across several international locations, keeping up with ever-changing legislation and understanding your legal requirements for each country can often be a struggle.

Barbour EHS simplifies these complex landscapes for you, empowering you to master your organisation’s international EHS compliance.

With 30 countries to support you with and counting, our International service cuts through the legalese to help you:

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Connecting With the Industry to Advance the Safe Use of Hydrogen Technology

As the use of hydrogen technology continues to evolve and grow, the International Code Council is collaborating with partners and stakeholders around the world to ensure that we are all moving forward safely. Over the past year, the Code Council has participated in several key events that have helped connect and educate those who have been charged with leading the way. Here are a few examples of our commitment to advancing hydrogen safety.  –  Read More


Underground Gas Piping System Requirements in the I-Codes

Fuel gas piping and appliance installation and venting are covered in the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC®), and for those buildings under the scope of the International Residential Code (IRC®), it is addressed in the (IRC®) Chapter 24, “Fuel Gas.” This CodeNote® will review some of the major code requirements that are found in the 2021 IRC® and the 2021 IFGC® for underground fuel gas piping. –  Learn More



Introducing the Principal Designer Building Regulations Register

The Principal Designer Building Regulations (PDBR) register has been launched to ensure building firms are competent and compliant with new regulations.

The register has been designed as a resource for identifying qualified designers to meet the standards required to uphold the safety, compliance and integrity of construction projects.

It has been launched by the Association for Project Safety (APS) to enable practitioners to formally demonstrate their competence in fulfilling the newly established duty-holder role under the Amended Building Regulations England, in line with PAS 8671.

Mark Snelling, APS President, said: “The launch of the Principal Designer Building Regulations Register is a pivotal step towards reinforcing the competence and accountability of professionals within our industry.

“It not only provides a reliable means for practitioners to validate their skills but also offers clients peace of mind in meeting their statutory duties.”

Any practitioners listed on the PDBR Register will have undergone stringent assessment processes, confirming their capability to perform the Principal Designer role as mandated by the updated Building Regulations.

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PUB appoints Jacobs for Kranji WRP development in Singapore 

Singapore’s national water agency PUB has selected Jacobs to deliver professional engineering services for the domestic Kranji Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) development, following a competitive bid process.

The Kranji WRP is expected to support an increase in used water collection and treatment due to upcoming residential and industrial developments in northern Singapore.

Jacobs’ responsibilities encompass engineering design, construction supervision, and commissioning of the plant.

Expected to be operational by 2035, the facility will have an initial treatment capacity of 120 million gallons per day and will incorporate a 50-million-gallons-per-day NEWater Factory.

The Kranji WRP is a final part of the overarching Deep Tunnel Sewerage System, to fulfil the country’s long-term used water management needs.

This joins the Changi WRP in the east and Tuas WRP in the west of Singapore.


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