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WOBO is pleased to provide links to a range of publications and reports that will support the continuing professional development (CPD) of both its members and fellow professionals.

The Business Guide to the Net-Zero Heating

With heating across the domestic, commercial and public sector buildings accounting for nearly half of the energy used in the UK, there is much debate about the most sustainable technologies to avoid energy waste and to cut carbon emissions and fuel costs and help businesses make strides toward their net-zero targets.

This edie report, produced in partnership with Centrica Business Solutions helps businesses with:
•    Challenges businesses will need to observe and overcome
•   Implementing changes and systems that help reduce emissions from heating
•   Making strides toward their net-zero targets


Black & Veatch’s May Monthly Newsletter –  The article below provides a sample from the newsletter and you are encouraged to take a look at the other opportunities and reports that will become available in due course.

Navigating the Waters of Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is considered a potential clean and environmentally friendly energy carrier; however, the production of low-carbon hydrogen can require a significant amount of energy and water resources. Therefore, it is crucial to navigate the waters of sustainable hydrogen production to ensure that the production process is efficient and sustainable.

In our latest eBook “Water Resilience in the Hydrogen Economy,” Black & Veatch explores four key water supply considerations for hydrogen production. Environmental considerations – such as water availability, quality and quantity – top the list, especially as water scarcity threatens many areas of the world.

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Have you heard about BS 99001 yet? 

It’s our new standard designed specifically for the built environment to help tackle quality management. We want to keep you updated, so see below for an overview on how it can benefit you…

Why was BS 99001 created?
Last year, the industry united to develop BS 99001, the new quality management system for the built environment, in response to Grenfell, the Building Safety Act and the urgent need to improve sustainability.

How does it work?
BS 99001 builds on ISO 9001’s general principles with a management system that expands on key sector requirements: competence, design quality, temporary works, inspection and test plans, and documented information.

What are the benefits of BS 99001?

  • Gives you the tools to drive sector-wide improvements in the suitability, safety and durability of built assets
  • Helps you rebuild trust and confidence as you demonstrate a renewed commitment to high levels of quality management
  • Is recognition of the industry’s project-based and multi-organizational nature

We delve into more detail on BS 99001, and what it can help you achieve, in our blog. – Read the BS 99001 blog here

Exclusive insight from Health and Safety professionals

Exclusive insight from Health and Safety professionals

The 2024 Health & Safety Report created by RS in association with Health and Safety Matters is OUT NOW!

Diving deep into the statistics gathered from almost 900 survey respondents, this report is the definitive guide to the challenges facing Health & Safety Professionals in 2024.

Be one of the first to draw insights from it and download the report.

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Are you exploring Building Energy Management Systems to drive down energy costs?

Download our latest report for your guide to to selecting, installing and using building energy management systems (BEMS) to cut emissions and energy costs.

Your questions answered:
•   What are the key considerations when selecting, installing and using these Systems?
•   What are the likely business benefits?
•   How does the business case stack up?

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