Regulatory changes to building safety – HSE call to designers

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Do you have a role in designing high-rise buildings?  If so, it’s important you start preparing now for the changes being proposed under the Building Safety Bill.

HSE is calling on designers to prepare now for upcoming regulatory changes to building safety.

Peter Baker, HSE’S Chief Inspector of Buildings, said:

“Designers have a strong influence on safety and standards, particularly during the very early planning and design stages of a building project.

“Their decisions not only affect the safety of those carrying out the building work, but also those maintaining, using, or living in a building after it is built. I encourage designers to act now and prepare for the more stringent regulatory regime.

“HSE will continue to work with the building design industry and related businesses to support them to deliver safe and high-performing buildings and ensure that residents of high-rise buildings are safe, and feel safe, in their homes now and in the future.”

For further information, read this press release.

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