RICS: Developing a global standard for fire reporting

Fire is a universal risk impacting on all societies, economies and geographies.  The cost to people, property, business and the environment are enormous. 


The RICS have recently published an insight paper on improving fire reporting see https://bit.ly/3naHVi2

Highlighting that we do not have accurate data of how many people are killed or injured by fire per year, nor a full understanding of the circumstances in which fire incidents take place. Data does exist but it states that it is patchy and inconsistent, and primarily from high and middle income countries. Without more accurate data it is challenging to fully understand the scale of the issues, and the steps to be taken to manage and reduce the risk of fire.

The paper:
· provides an overview of the scale of the impact of fire loss globally
· discusses challenges in data collection and data comparison
· sets out what data should be collected
· proposes a global standard for fire reporting to improve approaches to tackling fire and its impacts.


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