SHP -Upcoming webinars in September

WOBO thanks SHP for the link to development opportunities for our members and fellow professionals

A practical approach to health and wellbeing – measure and change your culture – Wednesday 6 September 11 AM BST

Join the webinar panel to learn how a joined-up, top-down, bottom-up approach to wellbeing Health and Safety can have a positive effect on the culture of a business, creating an environment where people are given the opportunity to thrive, to learn and to grow, which at the end of the day will have a beneficial impact on production, quality, and SAFETY.


Standardising EHS processes on an enterprise system – considerations and best practices – Wednesday 6 September 2 PM BST

The widespread adoption of specialised EHS systems has led to critical issues impacting the effectiveness and coherence of EHS management. Join industry experts from Verdantix and Ideagen as we explore the key considerations and best practices for standardising and streamlining EHS operations and driving continuous performance improvements.

Increase Safety Engagement for Frontline Workers: How to Unlock a Culture of Safety with Mobile Digital Devices – Tuesday 12 September 2 PM BST

In the changing landscape of safety technology, a shift from conventional desktop setups to mobile digital devices has revolutionised the way organisations approach safety. Join us in this webinar as we explore the journey of safety culture and its connection to technology. We’ll also offer tips on how to deploy mobile technology correctly to gain engagement from frontline workers.


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