Structural Warranties and Building Control – New Technical Manual

Technical expertise is essential for the creation of safe buildings.

The new Technical Manual is out now. Download version 14 today.
Premier Guarantee is one of the UK’s leading providers of Structural Warranties and Building Control. Since 1997, we have arranged structural warranty cover on over £45bn of property across the UK and Europe and with policies in place on over a quarter of a million housing units, we have become the provider of choice for some of the country’s leading property developers. Our services span throughout the lifetime of your build programme, providing you with assistance from early planning stages, through to final sign-off of your properties.

Version 14 of the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual is now available.

Developed by our in-house technical team, the manual sets out the Functional Requirements for the design and construction of buildings covered under our warranties. This comprehensive guide has been broken down into useful sections so you can quickly refer to the topic you’re most interested in, as and when you need it.

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So what’s changed in this version?


Within the first few pages of the manual itself you’ll find an overview to help you understand what has changed in Version 14.


There are 15 section updates to guidance and functional requirements on stages such as basements, foundations, windows and doors, external walls and roofs. In addition to changes made to the specific sections and Functional Requirements, this manual provides further clarification on what the Technical Manual is intended for and the difference between warranty and building regulation requirements.


Which manual do I refer to?


There are several versions of the Technical Manual available. This latest version is applicable to new warranty projects where a warranty offer has been made on, or after 11 June 2021.


If you have started a project before this time, you will need to refer to a previous version. If you are unsure of which technical standards apply to your site, please speak to your surveyor.


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