The British Standards Institution: BSI Flex 8670 – Hackitt findings – Comments requested

Fire Safety competency and consistency are key.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is currently operating a six week consultation period.  Please note that the latest document is the 2nd version of BSI Flex 8670 and the result of our project Advisory Group reaching consensus on the comments received during the last consultation, with those outcomes being adopted into the standard. To download, review and comment on the draft, please click here to register for free online (new users) and log in.

The closing date for consultation is Tuesday 2 February 2021.

BSI Flex 8670 has been created in response to findings from the Hackitt review. This review highlighted a fragmented approach to – and a lack of consistency in – the processes and standards for assuring the competence of those working on buildings as a major flaw in the current regulatory system. Accordingly, BSI Flex 8670 will provide a set of core principles of competence, including leading and managing safety, communicating safety, delivering safety, risk management, regulations and processes, building systems, ethics, and fire/life safety.

BSI Flex is a new dynamic and iterative standardization approach. Accordingly, this standard is the result of work undertaken virtually by a team of industry stakeholders to agree on content to release to the marketplace quickly.

This method permits a rapid response to industry changes and can result in the publication of several versions a year.

Therefore, by its nature, the content published in BSI Flex 8670 will change from time to time with subsequent iterations. Offered as a free-to-use resource, BSI Flex 8670 is intended to inform the development of future competence frameworks in the built environment sector.

To download the latest version of BSI Flex 8670 please go to

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