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The ENERGY GLOBE Award is an environmental prize awarded annually in more than 180 countries by the non-profit ENERGY GLOBE Foundation based in Austria.

The award recognizes projects focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the use of renewable energy. The goal is to highlight solutions to environmental problems.

Our Energy Globe, World Award for Sustainability, is today the world’s most important environmental award with more than 180 participating countries and this year we are celebrating 25 years anniversary.

Our aim is to show that there are creative people all over our world with great projects that show solutions for our environment and our future.

All projects that improve the situation of our environment can be submitted, including also campaigns for sustainable awareness!

The Energy Globe Award annually presents and honors these outstanding and sustainable projects in all participating countries in a national ceremony (in each country) and after that in the international Energy Globe World Award.
For instance, in the international ceremony more than 200 Mio viewers took part by different media.

The 5 categories of Energy Globe are the elements of life, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth, representing our future.
The nominees of each category are honored in a ceremony that is broadcast all over the world.

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